Crown & Bridge

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

We use Ceramco 3 for our metal ceramic. Ceramco 3 is complete porcelain fused to metal system that has been designed according to the unsurpassed traditions of ceramic technology. In the dental world, production and high aesthetics are two of the most important things in regards to the product’s quality and reliability. Ceramco 3 is one of the most simple systems used, always producing high aesthetic results. The new ceramco 3 porcelain system is an innovative manufacturing process which ensures that every porcelain layer is matched perfectly to the shade guide, from opaques through to dentins, natural enamels and opal enamels. Some of the greatest features and benefits of this product include problem-free application to all high-fusing alloys, ease of handling, high chroma and vitality for excellent aesthetic and shade guides for easy shade matching.


Emax is one of the world’s best selling glass-ceramic. It is the most suitable for fabrication of full contour restoration. It is renowned for its excellent aesthetics, high strength, minimal invasive crown preparation and its long term success.


Katana Zirconia (Noritake) Japan

  1. Consistent fitting accuracy.
  2. Exceptional pre-coloured shades.
  3. Strength.
  4. Fitting accuracy of 20 µm.
  5. Can make up to 6 unit – bridge (up to 2 consecutive pontics).

Zeno Zx Zirconia (Wieland) Germany

  1. Made from high – strength ceramic material.
  2. Considerably stronger than Lava or any other ceramic.
  3. Accuracy of 20 microns.
  4. Extremely biocompatible.
  5. Exceptional aesthetic results.

Cercon Zirconia

  1. High degree of precision and outstanding marginal fit.
  2. Over 1,300 MPa flexural strength.
  3. Totally biocompatible.
  4. Conventional Cementation.
  5. Longest clinical history of dental zirconias